Inspection Fee


Wholesale rates and payment terms are available for solicitors, conveyancers and other professional firms.

Our fees represent excellent value for money when you consider that for the price of a Combined Building Inspection and Pest Inspection you could save tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding difficult problems or by helping with your negotiations.

Stated fees are for a standard size properties up to a large houses. For extremely large properties, please Call us on 02 9608 6180 or 042 4697 092 for a QUOTE.


Building & Pest(when ordered together) 595.00 inc GST  
Pest Only 340.00 inc GST    
Building Only 450.00 inc GST  
Strata 385.00 inc GST  
Dilapidation 495.00 inc GST  
Builder's Defects 600.00 inc GST  
Construction Stage Reports
Bored Piers Inspection (Foundation) Inspection  495.00 inc GST  
Pre-Slab (Foundation) Inspection  495.00 inc GST  
Wall & Roof Frame Inspection 495.00 inc GST    
Pre-Lining Inspection 495.00 inc GST  
Fixing & Waterproofing Inspection 495.00 inc GST  
Completion (Hand-Over) Building Inspection 550.00 inc GST